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Hey guys we got to get this forum hopping... Hopefully when I get my car in a few weeks I will be able to start a build thread and getting some pictures up here. We need to start sharing our experiances with the spark. Take pictures on the roads, take pictures at the pump, or pictures not at the pump because it sips gas. Something like that. I love forums and I know this isn't the most exciting car but lets make it that way
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I like how you think!
Looking forward to your build thread cause there doesn't seem to be many people turning the Spark into a project car, most keep it as an A-to-B car and nothing more...

When are you getting your spark?
Well it's on order and pending on the sale of my Camaro I will be able to take it off the lot
This forum goes up and down. Lately it's been down. But I like your enthusiasm. Let's get things going :)
I am at this forum because I am very interested in the new 2014 Spark EV. I did sit in the driver's seat and in the rear of a gas Spark at a GM dealer here in Puerto Rico, so I know what to expect. As an EE, I can eventually recommend upgrades and troubleshooting hints after I learn the systems that operate and control the electric version.
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I like the EV idea but wonder when we'll see them here in Texas, 2016 ? At this point I would be happy just to learn about the gas powered 2014s :rolleyes:
Well it's on order and pending on the sale of my Camaro I will be able to take it off the lot
A Camaro to a Spark is a big change. What led to that?
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