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Hi all, I have the following problem:

My low-beam headlights have stopped working, while the high beams and fog still work perfectly.
From research, I have found that the following culprits could be to blame:

  1. Burned fused;
  2. Bad relay for low beams;
  3. Bad bulbs;
  4. Bad switch;
  5. Bad wiring.

My process so far, according to the above has been:
  1. Fuses: I have experimented with interchanging the fuse of both the fuse boxes; they seem ok (encircled with the yellow circles in Figures 1 and 2). Am I missing another fuse which might be causing them not to work?;
  2. Relays: I am currently looking to find the relay for the low beam but cannot find it. Namely, in the place of the fuse box(the engine bay fuse box) where the low-beam relay should be, there is a blank space. At the same time, the fuse box chart has a dotted line encircling the relay. Does this mean it is embodied in the fuse box itself (encircled with the red circle in Figure 3 and "gap" shown in Figure 4)? Although, whilst switching from high to low-beam, I can still hear the characteristic relay sound; perhaps it is OK?
  3. Bulbs: Is it possible that the low beams of the two lightbulbs have failed simultaneously? It sounds very strange! I will investigate changing one bulb next perhaps it is to blame.
  4. Switch: This is something I hope it's not and will solve if 1,2,3 don't work!
  5. Wiring: This is something I hope it's not and will solve if 1,2,3 don't work!
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