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We're currently updating the theme team tier list; take a look at today's tier list; as always, we've already rated a significant portion of the team. We have 11 teams to go over, but the Washington Redskins and Oakland Raiders will not be among them. Everyone knows who's on those teams, and MUT 21 Rebuilding feels like you're playing either the Raiders or the Washington Redskins every week. The Raiders and Washington remain at the top of the S division. Those two squads are unquestionably the strongest. One thing to remember about these theme teams: you can win games with all of them, and you should always have one, regardless of which one it is. However, if you're matching any theme team, whether it's the Jaguars with the Washington Redskins or the Raiders with the Oakland Raiders, your team will be perfect. You can win games as long as you have either a S tier or an A tier team.

The Best Theme Teams in Madden 21 Washington Redskins and Oakland Raiders are on Tier S of the NFL standings.
A: The Buffalo Bills, Seattle Seahawks, New York Giants, Arizona Cardinals, and Indianapolis Colts are among the NFL's best teams.
B: The Rams of Los Angeles, the Cowboys of Dallas, the Steelers of Pittsburgh, and the Titans of Tennessee.
New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints, Minnesota Vikings, and Chicago Bears are the teams in the C division.
Cleveland Browns, Denver Broncos, and Detroit Lions are the teams that make up Division D.
Cincinnati Bengals, Carolina Panthers, and Jacksonville Jaguars are also in the East Division.

Analysis and Breakdown of the Best 49ers Theme Team
The 49ers theme team has consistently been one of MUT 21's most successful steam teams. During the ultimate legends promo, both the 49ers and the Raiders enjoy eating. Since almost every legend has played for both the 49ers and the Raiders at some stage in their careers. So, we can almost say that the 49ers will only get better as the season progresses. Trent Williams, Randy Moss, Larry Allen, McGlinchey, and Laken Tomlinson make up the offensive line, which is solid. They aren't the strongest, but they are two solid offensive linemen. End-of-cycle Vernon Davis is the most talented player on the team. After the catch, his pace and run blocking are important aspects of his game. There will also be potential George Kittle upgrades; the question is when they will arrive. After the catches nasty Rav runner archetype, we have Isaac Bruce at wide receiver, who is debatably the best wide receiver in the game right now. You've also got Jerry Rice and Randy Moss. On a theme band, there's Raheem, one of the best running backs in the league.

Jimmy Garoppolo is a little better than Joe Montana, but if you ever decide to go with the 49ers, don't waste your money on him; he's too pricey for what he can do. Jimmy Garoppolo can be used on any team; in reality, you don't even need a 49ers or patch theme team to use him. Reggie Bush is also on the list. As long as EA does a decent job with him, if you can get the Reggie Bush card, he'll be the best running back and receiving back in a lot of good theme teams. Also, excellent pace.

The reason this 49ers Theme Team is so dominant is that they are not only very competitive right now, but they also have a bright future ahead of them. As a result, we're assessing where they are now and comparing it to where they want to go in the future.
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