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Who wins in this epic battle of super cars? James Bond or Batman?

We’ve looked at both, Agent 007′s variety of cars and the Evolution of the Batmobile. We’ll both cars might be street legal, and viable transport; the extras is really what we’re after.
Keeping the comparisons fair, we’re taking similar era movies to create these 5 epic match ups.
1) 1966 Batmobile vs. Aston Martin DB5

The only match-up of car vs car. Following this the Batmobile turns into something that you would never see as a production vehicle or at a dealership.
By far these are both the most iconic vehicles of each character. Seeing the 1966 Lincoln Futura turned Batmobile or the Aston Martin DB5, you instantly think of the character Batman or James Bond. I can even hear Sean Connery’s voice when I see a DB5.
As far as comparing, both had cool gadgets for the period, but we’re edging this toAgent 007 and the Aston Martin DB5
Winner: Bond

2) Michael Keaton Batmobile vs. Lotus Esprit

Our first look at a Batmobile that no longer resembles a car, but more of a bat-tank. A weapon, while the Lotus Esprit doubles as a submarine.
Rocket Powered vs. Submarine…
Winner: Bond

3) Batman Forever Batmobile vs. Aston Martin Vantage

The Aston Martin returns as the car of choice for SPECTRE, and it appears as the coupe and volante in the movie. Points lost for Bond, here. On the other side of the pond, the Batmobile becomes more refined as a dark, aggressive, monster. Val Kilmer didn’t make a difference here…
Winner: Batman

4) Batman and Robin Batmobile vs. James Bond’s BMWs

During the Pierce Brosnan era, James Bond took notice to BMW. A risky move, but hey, Batman picked up a side kick.
With the Batmobile evolving again to be more fighter jet than car, it roams the streets of Gotham installing fear into each villain. Yes, the Batmobile did it… Not you, Mr Clooney.
Bond’s risky move pays off. Driving his 750iL with his cell phone and destroying enemies in a car park before the Bimmer takes a leap right into an Avis rental dealer is spades.
Although the Z3 roadster is one of the weaker (read: small) Bond Cars, his BMWs take the cake.
Winner: Bond

5) The Tumbler vs. Aston Martin DBS

I would love to go on and on about the Aston Martin DBS, one of my current favorite cars, but the Tumbler steals the show.
Half Humvee, half Lamborghini this car, err – tank, err – Batmobile, is one of the best movie cars of all time.
The menacing vehicle was created for warfare by Wayne Enterprises to leap across valleys and rivers so bridges could be built for troops and other vehicles to cross. So with this military development, yes, it’s powerful, it can jump and it can stand up to one **** of a thrashing.
Bruce Wayne, we would like to drive this beast anytime.
Winner: Batman


With a victory of 3-2, James Bond and his fleet of cars over the years beats the Batmobile. However, this win was very weighted in Bond’s favor early in the race. As the movies evolved, Batman’s Batmobile keeps getting better, unfortunately, Bond doesn’t have the flexibility of Batman. He has to his behind a civilian vehicle.
Winner Bond, arguably a tie since we would like to give the Tumbler 2 points.
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