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My significant other was leaving an entrance ramp to merge onto a highway. She accelerated from about 40MPH to about 55MPH when she noticed that her speed was decreasing but her engine RPM’s were increasing. Both the ‘Reduced Engine Power’ and ‘Check Engine’ lights came on.

The car was rapidly decreasing speed on the highway (and would not accelerate) so she immediately coasted over to the shoulder. There, she turned the car off and then back on. The ‘Reduced Engine Power’ light went off. The ‘Check Engine’ light remains on. She drove to her destination and parked the car for the weekend.

She called the dealership but didn't get much help. They said she could "drop the car off and they would try to look into it but they didn't have any appointments until December". I then took over. I figured I'd first try to deal with the dealership where the car was purchased and where all the oil changes have been performed - hoping that a little history would help. That was a mistake.

It took 5 attempts to reach a human at that Chevrolet dealership. Great start. The service person tried to help. Said some things that she probably shouldn't have said - shedding a little light into their backlog of issues. Ultimately, they said they had no appointments until December. They said that they are so busy because of customer satisfaction, "like, maintenance and repairs and recalls."

I then called a more local Chevrolet dealership. I spoke with a human first try. She was very helpful. They would try to look at it today but it might have to wait until tomorrow. That's reasonable and what I would expect. She set everything up and spoke with the Service Manager, who said he'd be expecting the car. She forwarded me over to GM/Chevrolet Roadside service. We arranged a tow to this Chevrolet dealership. The car was towed to the dealership and that's where we're at now.

I'm not taking this situation lightly given the debacle that GM has been in recently.
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