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2014 Spark 1LT, 5-Speed manual, drove off the dealer lot 13 months ago.
About 30 days ago, I noticed it was smelling extremely hot, like it was about to boil over, or burst into flames, very hot.
Fluid levels okay, and NO dash light indicators.
2 weeks ago today I took it to the dealer, they had it all day and told me that the "oil filter was a little loose, causing oil to drip onto the catalytic converter", and that's what I was smelling.
That solved the problem, until this past Monday morning, driving home from work, 11 miles on the interstate at 70-75 mph, got to the stop light and could smell it again. Even on a 6 mile round trip around the neighborhood, it smells very hot.
So I'm taking it back again this morning.
Anybody have knowledge of an issue like this? Is the oil filter in a location to drip onto the catalytic converter?
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