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Congrats. We like our MT...I actually think it makes the car better, especially with just 98hp.

I searched and searched for factory alloys, ended up buying a set of aftermarket, kept the tires. I sold the four hubcaps and three of the wheels on ebay, recovered about half of the cost for the new wheels. Then got an additional tire and now have a full-size spare for when we tow ours - it goes behind a 32' winnebago.

We also have a Colorado 4x4 we've had since 2015, also setup for towing. It's so heavy though, it sways the RV back and forth making hiway driving a chore. I talked wife into getting a tow-car, so we got ours right before 'carmageddon' - a big discount and zero interest for 5 years - painless. Then sold the other big car, a Dodge Challenger gas hog, and now Sparky saves the day with its gas mileage.

Ours is the LS with roll up windows, manual door locks, and no cruise control. The only thing I wished it had was an inside tailgate release - you have to use the key. Auto locks would be nice, but it's so tiny I let wife in and she's my auto-locks. ;)

I think it was a mistake to discontinue the model. We're at 8500 miles over two years and not a single issue. The AC is ice cold, the infotainment electronics are excellent, and the car is super easy to park and drive.

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