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Chevy had a hidden gem, and they killed it. I might have the last one off the assembly line. I am absolutely delighted with this car. Considering the price, weight, size, and HP, they got everything right. I waited 5 months for it to get from S Korea, and every minute was worth the wait. It feels way more spacious than it would appear from the outside, can leave patches when taking off, tackles hills, is reasonably quiet, reasonably smooth ride, very quiet and smooth power plant, and the shifter is just fine (if a tiny bit vague), and handles magnificently. The exhaust even has a satisfying note between gears. This car punches WAY above its weight. (What might appear as imperfections in he finish in this pic are reflections of the trees and clouds above, reflected in the mirror-like finish.) Would I be as enthusiastic about a CVT? Definitely not. Big shout out to Kim Estey at Middlebury Chevrolet (Vermont) for her straightforward sales approach! View attachment 970
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