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Hey Y'all,
I found this sight while searching the web yesterday for some basic information on my Techno Pink 2013 Chevy Spark LT. I decided to join in hopes of finding out what is wrong with my radio.
About 2 months ago I noticed that about twice a week I would get in my car to discover the radio was on. This always happened when the keys were out of the ignition and the car was turned off. Over the last two months it increased so much so that my battery was ultimately drained. Many times I would get up to go to work or even my lunch break at work and my car would be dead. I have since replaced the battery and removed the radio fuse. I would very much like to have use of my radio again but I'm scared to put the fuse back in and have the radio run down my new battery. HELP!! Could it simply be a loose wire? Or was my battery already beginning to go out, causing my radio to become possessed?? Has anyone else experienced this problem?
If you have any suggestions on what it could be, could you also guide me to a proffesional who can fix this? (ex: basic mechanic, stereo installation company, etc...)
Thanks, Kalee
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