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I have a 2014 spark and the rear wiper is not working, no sound nothing. The washer pump is working. I checked the fuse and that's fine. I need to check the wiper motor harness but can't get the cover off from the inside of the hatchback. any help would be amazing.

Foxx P.

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Likely a stuck motor. Here's a working used one on ebay: 2014 Chevrolet Spark Rear Wiper Motor OEM 25K Miles (LKQ~302335531) | eBay

For the interior panel, I don't know exactly, but usually you can just pry them off - they are stuck on with a pin type fastener into a socket/hole in the metal frame. There could be a screw or push fastener along the top or bottom as well.

I can look at my '21 for a better idea...will post back later.
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