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Replacement battery for 2017 Chevy Spark

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Hi all, FYI--

I needed a new battery for my 2017 Spark. Sam's and Walmart had no listing for same. Interstate Batteries thought they could get one in a week? Autozone could get one in several days, but would cost $140 +/-. Apparently, this is a "specialty battery" and not very common.

Solution-- I bought a 121R battery at Sam's. This battery was in stock, and cost about $100 +/-. The length and width are pretty close to my Spark's original.

Pros-- It fit in the holder; the posts sit a little higher than the old ones, but this does not cause a problem with the connections (I did ensure the plastic, positive connection guard is in good shape & secure); electrically, it works fine.

Con-- My Spark has a forward-located bolt-down clamp to hold the battery in place. The 121R has no raised plastic lip, on this side, to secure the clamp to. I had to rig an alternate tie-down system to hold the battery in place.

Hope this helps anyone with a similar problem.
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