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I have a 2017 Spark LT. 80k miles. When I start my car, the gauges are dead. No speedometer, no tachometer, and not data in the information screen in the dash. The buttons on the steering wheel do not work not does the backup camera. The radio will not auto shut off when you get out of the car. The dash is lit up like a Christmas tree. Airbag, steering, abs, check engine, lights are all on.

All of my lights, AC, heat, windows, remote all works. The car cranks, runs, and drives just fine, I just don't have anything in my instrument panel (and stuff mentioned above).

The deal says that it is my Serial Data Gateway Module and it's $800 to have it replaced. Has anyone else here dealt with this? Is this module hard to get to? Does it have to be programmed? Can I program it? (I saw some older GM trucks there is a 30min pairing process for things like BCM's).
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