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When it comes to technology, having the latest gadgets makes you look both smart and cool, but does that strategy work with cars? Automakers say that electric vehicles are the future of the industry, but even with many EVs on the market, they may not be the perfect choice for you.

So first, let’s look at the basics.

An electric vehicle ditches the need for gasoline, diesel or any kind of internal combustion engine. Instead they are powered by an electric motor, which is paired to a battery. Just like a gas-tank, an electric battery can run low but an EV doesn’t visit the gas station. Instead they use electricity from the very same grid that powers your home. That means you can plug an electric vehicle into any traditional AC outlet.

However, the speed in which a battery recharges is dependent on the type of charger used. Level 1 chargers are the slowest and use a 120-volt outlet, just like what’s available throughout a house or garage, while level 2 chargers provide more power and faster charges, but use a 240-volt outlet. Many EV buyers purchase a Level 2 charging station for their home in order to enjoy faster recharge times, and automakers encourage this.

Finally, there’s Level 3 charging, which is also called DC Fast charging. This speeds up charging significantly, but Level 3 chargers aren’t available at home and you’ll only find them at dedicated public charging stations.
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You can still save on gas

I would buy an EV but I drive 100 miles a day. Unless I can recharge at work, I'd still have to buy gas.
You have three choices to save gas:

1. Buy a Chevy Volt, which will use gas only for the last 60 miles (that is a 40% gas savings), and is a terrific ride, too.

2. Buy a Tesla Model S which has a 200 mile range, and is the best American car ever produced (Consumer Reports gave it a 99 out of 100 - a first for ANY car), and one of the best car ever made!

3. Move closer to your job. I did this over 30 years ago and I saved thousands of dollars in gas and thousands of hours in travel time every year.

You can also get a closer job, work at home, or marry someone rich (and never work again) but that is probably harder to do.

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1. I've considered and driven the Chevy Volt, which is a VERY nice ride for the money. But since I park on the street (and don't have guaranteed parking) the ability to charge every night would be limited.

2. The Tesla Model S is an AWESOME car and I drool every time I see one. Just need to keep an extra car for those cross country trips where 200 miles a day will equal lots and lots of hotels (or campgrounds!)

3. Moving closer would have its upsides and downsides. I live in NYC where everything is accessible by bus or train, but work out in the sticks where there's no public transportation. I can take the Subway into Penn Station, get on a train, and then find a taxi for the rest of my commute.
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