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Spark EV DCFC Troubleshooting

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I have an Spark EV 2016 with DCFC, car works great, no issues.

Before I brought the car to Costa Rica, the car charged fine with DCFC in USA. In Costa Rica, none of the Spark EVs that are here are able to DCFC.

The chargers over here are TELLUS, MAGNUMCAP and CIRCUTOR brands. We have no ABB or name brands.

Please find attached below a charge log, some of you may know how to troubleshoot this already and could help me.

I am in contact with the technicians that installed the chargers and they have no idea of what to do. I am an electronic engineer and have experience with PLCs and automation but until now zero experience with EVSE.


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Seeing that this is an old thread would you mind posting and update to what was the final outcome of your charging situation?
For what it is worth, I cannot use EVCS chargers on the west coast. They admit their CCS chargers are "not compatible" with the Chevy Spark EV. 😡
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