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Whats Cool: More torque than a Ferrari 458 Italia, sensational stop light drag race performance. The transmission started life as a six speed auto that was broken down to a single forward gear with a 3.17:1 final drive ratio.

Character: EV is heavy compared to its gasoline twin, 2967 lbs heavier. 400 lb-ft of torque throws you out of the hole, 0-60 in 7.6 seconds and a 52/48 weight distribution make the little EV more than throw-able with speed.

Techy Touches: Chevy crammed as much of the Chevy Volt into the Spark EV as possible. The Spark EV's Driver Confidence Gauge keeps the driver informed of power remaining. The system monitors driving patterns and updates the digital readout continuously, the gauge is green bars stacked that diminish with battery power. When two bars remain they turn yellow, warning the driver that they better start looking for an outlet.

Funny Bits: Stiffer springs because of the nearly 3,000 lb weight increase leaves the Spark a little twitchy on less than smooth surfaces, regenerative breaking seems to have issues with actually breaking, demands heavy pedal pressure.

The Spark EV wasn’t even supposed to be here, in response to the wave of EV’s hitting the market like Nissans Leaf, Fords Focus EV and Fiats 500e, Chevrolet went parts bin diving and pieced together a competent little EV. Because the Volt pioneered most of the development costs for the Spark EV costs were kept way down, the Spark EV clocks in at $27,495 undercutting the Leaf by $2,000.

Unfortunately the Spark EV is only available in California and Oregon right now and its usability is pretty much limited to urban applications because charging infrastructure is nascent to this point.
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