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Review can be seen here: 2013 Chevrolet Spark test drive and review but below i posted a bit of it as a "preview"

First Glance: A new face

Mini-hatchbacks like the Spark are popular in Europe and Asia, but we don't find them often in the States. One could argue that we don't really need them: Our streets are wide, our towns are far apart, and even in big cities, where parking is at a premium, spots are generally of a uniform size. And when it comes to fuel economy, there's a law of diminishing returns: Larger, more aerodynamic sedans are often more fuel efficient on the open road than small, stubby hatchbacks.

Still, some small cars -- most notably the Fiat 500 and MINI Cooper -- have made quite a splash, so Chevy is dipping their toe in the water by offering the Chevrolet Spark here in the home market. Think of this as a trial run, with better things to come if Americans take the Spark to heart.

Like the Fiat and the MINI, the Spark is stylish, with its cute bug-eye face and a selection of bright colors including green, yellow, red and pink. The Spark is about the same size as the 500 and the Cooper, but it has something they lack: Back doors. It's also a lot less expensive -- prices start at $12,995, including air conditioning, power windows and alloy wheels, and top out just shy of seventeen grand with cruise control, heated fake-leather seats, and a 7" touch-screen display stereo.
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