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Hi everyone,
Im new here so sorry if i do any mistakes.
Im having some problem with my chevrolet spark ESP 5D, 2011.
Its making some strange noise on the front left side, i can feel a vibration on driver and passenger feet. The noise just start above 40km/h.
OBS.: I recently changed all the brake system.

I posted a video with the noise (its a bit louder than on the video but you can have an idea).
Link: Video

If someone have any information i appreciate a lot. Thanks for now

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Sounds like an axle CV joint. They do wear out. Why not drop it to a shop or your dealer for service? They'll inspect it and tell you what you need and the cost.
CV's run a couple of hundred to replace. Probably should do both sides, if one has failed.
If the rubber boot (cover) tears or gets damaged, dirt gets in there and wears out the bearing surfaces.
Could also just be an hub bearing. But a technician can advise you.

make sure the arrow on the side of the tyre is pointing forward
Mostly tires for this type of car are not directional. But yeah, worn out tires or cupped shoulder tread can vibrate and hum.
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