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Streaming Music Free

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I broke a 30 year habit of keeping a stack of CDs in my car because my Spark doesn't have a CD player. That drove me nuts. I priced streaming services. My previous vehicle had SiriusXM but that got expensive & the sound quality was poor. I learned I could download the Pandora app on my phone & plug a USB cable from the phone to the port in the car & it plays over the speakers. Free. I could upgrade to no ads but the ads aren't constant like AM/FM radio. Sound quality beats Sirius XM & saves me almost $300 a year. I'm not techie enough to research every option & learn how it works but I'm happy with this so far.
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I am already subscribed to SiriusXM from the other car (coloardo 4x4) for $20/mo so it streams to iPhone and to apple carplay in the sparky. Works fine.
A free pandora account is surely another option. Or if you have a youtube account already as well. I haven't used the other service, but a little of pandora and a lot of sirius.
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