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The 10 Types of People You Encounter on Public Transportation (LMFAO)

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There is nothing pleasant about being stuck in a steel tube with a bunch of smelly commuters; nevertheless, we manage. Sometimes, however, there are commuters (freaks?) who test our limits by going above and beyond what is socially acceptable in a public environment. Today we count down 10 types of people who don't mind displaying their inner weird while riding on public transport. Get your gas masks out and enjoy the ride.
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Doomsday Preppers

Some people preach about God, some people preach about why Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston's breakup is the reason the Knicks are so awful, and some people preach about the world coming to an end. Sometimes it actually IS better to be sorry than safe.


As a commuter, spotting a dude taking a leak behind a bench is par for the course. However, a woman dropping trou is a true rarity. Feast your eyes on this monster! UGHHH!


When you don't have a purple Cadillac with dice in the mirror, the train will have to do.

Sports Fans

"The Mets are giving me palpitations."
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Der Fuhrer

He may have been killed some 70 years ago, but Hitler's spirit lives on in a legion of creepy look-alikes.


Nothing will ruin a morning commute quite like the sickening sound of a toenail clipper. I think I just puked...

Men in Tights

We are guessing that the New York City Ballet lets their dancers take home costumes...

Evil Time Traveling Children

Apparently the exorcism didn't quite take.
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Celebrity Look-Alikes

Man? Bearded lady? Precious? Who cares, this 'person' is a dead ringer for Rick Ross.


They drool, lean on your shoulder, snore, and sometimes show copious amounts of sack. This dude needs to invest in a pair of pants ASAP.
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