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The Place of Chevy Spark EV Place In This Market

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Much rides on the shoulders of the Chevy Spark EV. You can always tell when GM is betting big on something or launches a product that is important to the giant carmaker. The Spark EV seems to be very high on the priority list for both GM and its Chevrolet arm if the releases and the hype is anything to judge by. After all, the is GM’s first real all-electric car and it is destined so far for California, Oregon, Canada and South Korea.

The Spark EV is not just a first iteration of what GM can do with the electricdrive. The electric car was developed originally for the Chinese market but after the seeing the low adoption numbers, GM intelligently decided to bring it here. And on paper, this is one great little electric vehicle, EV. As with any new EV versions, the ante is raised with each new EV that comes to the market.

Unveiled at the Los Angeles International Auto Show, Chevy Spark EV packs good performance and smart connectivity technologies into a fairly affordable five-door urban mini car. And urbanites in California should find the Spark EV very enticing with its high-occupancy vehicle, HOV lanes go ahead.

Technically Speaking. The Spark EV pushes 130 hp, 110 kW out of its electricdrive and no less than 400 lb.-ft. of torque. As far as range, we know the 20-kWh lithium ion should give it sufficient range but Chevrolet is still mum yet on revealing exactly how far one full battery charge will carry it. But as far as recharging, this little EV has much to offer. It is, so far the first electric vehicle to come on the market with the famous SAE Combo DC Fast Charging feature that should allow for an 80% battery recharge in just 20 minutes.

With two bright seven-inch LCDs displays taking care of the infotainment and key information, you should be able to gauge your expected range based on your driving habits, as well as other conditions, such as road and weather.

Electric Cars Are Connected. Connectivity is a big thing when it comes to electric cars and the Spark EV spares no lack of feature. By keeping its drivers connected with its exclusive MyLink radio that comes standard, a well thought out smartphone connected infotainment system features apps for BringGo full-function navigation, TuneIn global internet radio, Pandora and Stitcher, as well as Apple’s Siri compatibility for the iPhone 4S and 5.

And The Price Is... While no exact list price has been given so far for the Spark EV, GM did say it would be priced under $25,000 after tax incentives, taking on the competition. With the $7500 tax credit electric car buyers have in the US, the Spark's MSRP should be over $32,000.

We can only welcome more choice when it comes to cars and electric cars have offered just that, another choice. In many ways Chevy Spark EV will find its niche market and GM hope those living near or in cities and commuting less than 80 miles a day will find this electric Spark EV the right choice for them.

The Place of Chevy Spark EV Place In This Market
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Someone published an article with a picture of the Spark EV's dash at the L.A. Auto Show, and the dash indicator shows the battery range of 74 miles. I know that the production model will be better (at least 80 miles). My only complaint is the price. $32,000 is too high for me (I can get a used Volt for less), and I can't use the $7,500 tax credit because I don't pay Federal taxes anyway (I'm in Puerto Rico).

GM must follow what import manufacturers do: sell at a slight loss and make up with the volume. Both Fiat and Smart have publicly announced that they will lose money selling their EV versions, so GM must do the same. I hope the Spark EV will dominate this market and become the best selling EV in America by 2014.
32,000 is high. Can look in better cars for that price.
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