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Top 10 Things Women Notice About Your Car

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As we all know, there's a lengthy list of differences between men and women. Aside from the great debate on whether you should "stop and ask for directions," there are a number of things that really can make or break your next hot date... even before stepping into your car.

Whether you'll admit it or not, there are things about your car that women may see as a reflection of you (good or bad) and the kind of person you are. While there may be obvious differences between a tree hugging hybrid owner and a gas-guzzling gearhead, it's hard to look beyond the image some vehicles project (just ask any Hummer driver).

As if the battle of the sexes wasn't complicated enough, we're starting to think we'd be better off with a bus pass. But fear not car lovers, as we'll be your trusty automotive wingman through the Top 10 things women notice about your car.

Click here to find out what your car could be saying about you and check out this video on the bacterial hazard of a messy car.

Top 10 things women notice about your car
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10) Colour / Paint
Although a bright yellow Lamborghini may look hot, the same colour on a Chevy Cavalier just doesn't seem to work. Also, any hue of beige or champagne paint screams "Florida Retirement" and can come off as a little lame, so choose wisely. You don't want to give the message that you've given up!

9) Stripes / Graphics
Most guys think racing stripes and crazy graphics look great on their car, but truth is if you drive a Toyota Corolla... it's a bad idea, so please don't do it. Same goes for Fast 'n Furious style stickers and flaming skulls on the hood. Even annoying or rude bumper stickers will turn most women off.

8) Music / Stereo
First off, don't try and pass that old tape deck off as being "retro" since today's technology offers Bluetooth to safely talk and drive, plus iPod integration to help set the mood. Although she might appreciate your tech savvy style, remember don't overdo it with 10,000 watts of eardrum crushing power!

7) Brand Identity
Certain car brands carry an image along with them, and although woman can appreciate upscale luxury products... it takes a very special girl to look past a guy draped head to toe in matching Ferrari hat, jacket, gloves and shoes. Think about an upscale brand that doesn't scream "look at me" but still represents quality and style.
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6) Exterior Design
From boxy SUVs to sleek sports cars, most women have a great eye for style. Don't worry if your guy friends think your Miata or VW Beetle convertible is a 'girlie-car,' bottom line is that these "cute" cars still get noticed and make you look like a confident yet fun-loving kinda guy. Use it to your advantage player!

5) Ahh, that new car smell
If the floor is as sticky a movie theatre and happens to smells like that old gym bag you forgot in the trunk, they'll quickly fear what your living conditions at home must be and run for the hills. If she keeps insisting "let's take a taxi or bus" then you might be in trouble. Remember a woman's sense of smell is very sensitive and should always be made a top priority.

4) Be Organized
Is your glove box a nightmare of odds and ends? Will she find old fast food wrappers, broken sunglasses and expired coupons stuffed under the seats? If you are unable to find things in your car it could indicate you have organizational problem or even creepy hoarder-like tendencies. Before your full blown intervention, go through the car and get rid of what you don't need... that case of empty beer cans you've been meaning to return for 3 months included.

3) Noise
Whether its the sound of your creaky suspension or the "performance muffler" that was cool way back in high school, these loud noises may make it tough to talk as you'll spend most of the evening shouting "What!" at each other. Don't spoil the romance, keep your car in top shape with no squeaks, rattles or buzzing.
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2) Practicality
Driving a 2-seater sports car all-year-round may earn you street cred with the boys, but it could cost you points with your girl. You won't look so smooth when her (and her cute friends) need a ride and you have to tell them to take a taxi or public transit instead. Don't be that guy!

1) Safety First
Driving a car with the latest safety features isn't so lame after all. When women don't feel safe in your car, they likely don't feel safe with you. They prefer cars in good condition with advanced safety features. And don't forget that most women may not appreciate your aggressive James Bond stunt driving either, no matter how many airbags you brag to her about having.
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I don't notice many of these things actually. So this article isn't true.

Isnt that the integra they used in the fast and the furious driven by Ja Rule lol

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