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Turbocharged 2016 Chevrolet Spark

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There is an extensive amount of detail to go into and would not recommend anyone trying to replicate what I did. So basically can not interchange anything from a Chevrolet Sonic or Chevrolet Cruze. Complete redesign. The closest thing is a 2016+ Chevrolet Cruze but still nothing will work. I ended up chopping off the flange on a Cruze turbo, designed one to bolt up to our engine, and had welded to the turbo housing. So now this housing and turbo physically bolt up to our engines. Also designed a block off plate for a sensor on turbo we would not end up using.

Still many things dont straight swap over. I did use the OEM oil drain line but had to drill hole in the block to have the oil run back into the oilpan. Used OEM coolant hard lines but they all had to be modified or T off to send return lines elsewhere under the hood since it did not match the setup the Cruze had. The oil feed is the hardest part in my opinion. I used a custom adapter to go between the block and the oil pressure sensor that runs a line that feeds to the turbo. That can be tricky and you do not want to mess that up.

Next is the exhaust. Had to trim the OEM cooling fan but the OEM 2016+ Cruze downpipe with catalytic converter will fit in there. Its a tight squeeze. Requires a different OEM lower bracket which was difficult to get my hands on. The most unfortunate part is that it can bolt up to our OEM exhaust but because of the different bracket, the OEM Cruze downpipe sits higher, and our exhaust physically cant reach. I just made a custom dump pipe adapter as temporary solution.

Plumbing I kept only on the passenger side to minimize piping going all over the place across the car and back across over the engine bay. But that should have been what I done in the 1st place. Everything on passenger side was a super tight fit I had to assemble the headlight on there last after the piping was installed.

The part that bummed me out the most about all this is the air conditioning. No you dont have to remove it, but you do need one custom ac line. Its the cheapest most basic accessible line just behind the passenger headlight. Its directly in the way of any turbo being installed. So I made a custom one that I can move around the turbo. Took a lot to get length right and had to order another OEM hose just to use the fittings on the end.

What I didnt figure out or get to was the vacuum setup, or the fuel setup. Why? Well to tune this thing was more than I was willing to spend at the time and I wasnt quite happy with the setup so ultimately this put me at a stand still for the moment. But the car can be tuned by HPTuners and its already been verified theres a window in the program for boost applications. Biggest concern is the head itself if it can handle the pressure. Anyways, I had it set to 5psi but that means little. As soon as boost kicked in it would cut fuel so yeah. I started. It drove. It was awesome.

If any questions Ill try to answer what I can thanks.

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