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About a year ago I read the article below, and didn't think much about it because I was driving a stick at the time and was used to using my left foot for the clutch. However, a few months back I was driving a pickup truck and tried this technique out and found it to be very comfortable:

Why You Should Brake With Your Left Foot

According to the article, "With today’s automatic cars running prevalent, there is no excuse not to left-foot brake." As my Spark is automatic, I often use both feet when traffic is heavy so you don't have to move your right foot from the gas to the brake.

"Almost all accidents could be avoided if we had just one more second. Think about that. Just one more second. I’m not suggesting it takes a second to switch pedals, but even if it takes three-tenths, that’s close to a 30-percent improvement."

The article also says "Start off by trying it during a quiet drive, and as you get more comfortable, incorporate it into your daily routine." I started on a SUV and in a few days, was driving like a pro. Reaction times are better and you feel safer on the road.


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