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Write your congress person and Senator.
Spark EV's receive a federal rebate, but they are not sold in all 50 states to all tax payers. This is an injustice for tax payers. GM should make the Spark EV available by special order to every state if they wish to continue to benefit from federal tax dollars.
Californians and Oregonians get EV's because they were governmental activists. They demanded environmentally friendly options form their government officials. They got them. The rest of us need to stop playing nice and demand our elected officials allow us the same.
I do not want to see them pull the plug on the states that are already getting them. I just want to see that expanded to the rest of us.
I know a few out of CA and OR have purchased these. I am fundamentally opposed to committing fraud, even though the rules dictating the fraud are suspect at best.
We just need the rules changed.
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